St.Joseph’s G.H.S Chengal situates on the bank of the Rever periyar, near kalady the birth place of sri sankaracharya the exponent of Advaitha philosophy. it has several decades of history to tell, the history of ups and downs, pains and gains. it was previleged to host and train many great personalities like honourable Justice Kurian Joseph , many more priests and sisters politicians,Leaders etc,who were in term took part in the formation of future generation

A Convent was established in the name of saint Germain at chengal for the stay of CMC Sisters 1906. in the same year a boarding for girls was started attached to the convent. This boarding was visited by Mr.F.S Davis the education Director of kochi and well pleased with the Functioning he allowed a grant for a school building . The sisters toiled day and night and the LP section started 1910-11 Academic year meant for both boys and girls. later it was upgraded as upper primary school .But because some administration reasons the UP school had shifted to kanjoor, By the grace of god again it was allowed to continue the UP section and 1963 UP School upgraded as high school From 1963 to 1983 it was functioned as an unaided High School In 1983 because of the support and recommendation of Sri M.V Mani M.L.A of Angamaly, and Education minister P.J Joseph , the long awaiting desire become frightful the school was upgraded as an aided High School. Rev.Sr.Salasia, Sr.Jain Mary, Sr.Shalom and the staff members should be remembered with great reverence in relation with the upgradation of the school and it’s functioning.

In 1992 a Parallel English Medium was started along with malayalam since 2002 an unaided higher secondary school is functioning very efferlively and in 2015 it was approved as an aided school.

Children From far and near from chengal Different part of kerala. have got training here from 1911-onwards,and they are the best advertisement of the institution Hard Work with prayer, effective training montherly approach, inculcation of moral value and character formation sprit of enquiry, more over the dedicated service of the teachers, co-operation of the parents and the science help of the well wishers and authorities make the school atmosphere more impressive and we turn the pages of the book of life, we are proud to be the part and pared of st.Joseph’s chengal, and with bolded hands, stand before the god Almighty